The current craze is HIIT-style cardio (high-intensity interval training), which involves 100 percent effort followed by a short rest. HIIT has earned the reputation as the best cardio to preserve muscle. However that's not entirely deserved. In the same manner that doing too much low-intensity steady-state cardio can slow down muscle gain or even eat away at your hard-earned muscle, HIIT cardio can impede muscle gain. Without boring you with too much detail, doing HIIT too much and too often has the tendency to activate the enzyme AMPK. If that happens, too often muscle growth will be inhibited.


Eating every two hours causes muscle cells not to respond to stimulation (to grow) from amino acids. For those of us wanting to build muscle, unless you are retired swimmer Michael Phelps (the most successful Olympian ever) who required 12,000 calories daily, there is no need to eat every two hours; it decreases muscle growth.

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