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        ABOUT US


Royal Gold Gym is one of the leading, well-known and well-respected Gym in Pakistan originally started in Gujranwala (Pahalwanon ka shahar) the city of wrestlers by Ustad Ilyas. Our gym features a wide range of exercise equipment, group exercise classes and personal trainers to assist our clients.


The first Royal Gold Gym was opened in 1980 in Gujranwala, Dubbed “the Mecca of bodybuilding” in Pakistan. To this day, it is considered a landmark in the bodybuilding industry, and has achieved cult status by generating fine & world’s well know bodybuilders as Yahiya Butt, Azam Bajwa, Masoom Butt, Sanaullah, Shauqat Shehzad, Atif Anwar & Irfan Mehar etc. who have achieved titles in the world with many more to come…



        WHY JOIN US?

Whether it's keeping up with the kids at the park, getting out and meeting new people, or even landing that next promotion at work, your fitness can give you the confidence to get more from life.

Royal Gold Gym is helping people all over the world to find their strength & fitness since 1980. Our purpose is to inspire you to live a better life, so you can create your edge and run with it, be bold and back yourself, keep moving forward and ultimately live life on your terms. When Ustad Ilyas opened the first gym, he began a tradition of commitment, passion & dedication that is still practised today.

Our commitment, dedication & latest equipment combine with our best-in-the-business personal trainers will give you unmatched fitness & bodybuilding experience.

We want fitness to be more accessible for everyone, so we're now offering flexible membership terms and even more options to suit the way you train. With our world-class facilities, extended opening hours, group training options and expert team - we'll show you how you can get ahead, and stay there.

Get to know us and why over thousands of members choose to workout with us by connecting on Facebook, Youtube or Twitter and share your story by #ROYALGOLDGYM.

Join Royal Gold Gym today to reach your goals and workout on your terms.